The home that looks the best and is priced competitively will likely sell faster.

Home staging is the where you property in the best possible light to buyers, when executed correctly can help to sell your home. It’s those little touches which can make all the difference, but make your house feel like a home – on first glance and without making visitors have to think about it.

Here are a few tips from the professionals:

  1. De-clutter your home
    No one wants to see your clothes all over the floor, your childrens toys all over the house (in every room other than their own), they don’t want to see your kitchen a bomb-site, and they really don’t want to see your dvd’s all over the living room floor. If you can survive without things for a few weeks or months put things into storage, de-clutter and throw things away you don’t need – it will also reduce your house moving bill (win-win!). Try and remove all clutter from the floors you can, the cleaner your floors and surfaces the better an impression you will make.
  2. Reduce creaky floorboards and play with rugs
    Honestly, no one likes floors that creak they are really annoying – at night they wake partners and in the day they are just a nuisance so whether its a floorboard or laminate do your best to eliminate them before showing anyone around. Another great tip especially if you can’t do this everywhere, or if you want to add an extra layer of warmth to a room with all wooden floors. its to experiment with rugs. Rugs, like wall art, can add texture and colour to a room and a level of comfort – they don’t have to be expensive and if you go relatively cheap you can leave it behind if someone really likes it – its about making a room like nice and not about your taste (always remember that).
    Experiment with rugs
  3. Spruce Your Windows
    All windows should have blinds or curtains, it frames them and makes them look tidier. There are so few exceptions to this we won’t even talk about them. In your bath room add some flowers or other simple decoration that adds some life to what may be an otherwise boring area. In your kitchen spice it up with a spice rack or some herb plants (in a rustic planter), keep things simple, and in your living room a candle or two in holders to match your decor. It’s all about accent pieces to make the room look good.
  4. A Fresh Lick of Paint
    You will be surprised how much a fresh lick of paint to a few walls will do. It may take you a weekend to do but repainting a few rooms adds a new lease of life to your rooms and its really cost-effective. Don’t wall paper as that is rarely cost effective for selling your home. Go for sophisticated but simple neutrals all over, or go for white on most walls with one accent wall in a neutral but bright color (perhaps duck-egg blue or a toned down green for example).
  5. Bedroom? Make it a Bedroom!
    make a fake bed to sell your homeIf you have a bedroom without a bed, make a bed! honestly a few boxes and a quilt and a few pillows works wonders (see pic right) – its an agents trick and works wonders. Its much better than an empty box room and shows your viewers just what the room can be used for – and stops them thinking ‘i wonder’ when they leave the house, they already know yes it can.Also make sure your bedding looks luxurious and inviting, we know they will never use it (obviously) but the more inviting the better because it makes them think ‘i want this life’ and the more vibes like this the more likely they are to buy.
  6. Leave Doors Open
    On viewing day always leave doors wide open, views want to wander around and they want to feel free and feel the size of the house so leave the doors wide open for them. Also leave your windows open to allow air to flow through, this is the case whether winter or summer – in winter it can get just as muggy as in summer due to the rain of peoples coats causing a smell – never nice.
  7. Tidy your shelves, and sort the shoe rack
    Again like the first point, de-clutter and remove anything you don’t need put it in storage or send it to your family for holding for now. Tidy your shelves and remove anything you don’t need. Your home should look loved and lived in but shouldn’t look cluttered and full of rubbish. Your shoes should be tidy and neat, don’t have them in every room.
  8. Pro Tip – Get an Oil Burner or 3
    I can’t tell you how many homes that don’t sell because they simply smell bad. Not because they have damp or because of anything odd, but because the air flow has been bad at some point or they simply need a good airing but that will take ages. The quick solution and best solution for open days and days when you’ve people visiting is to have oil burners around your home, down stairs with one scent and upstairs another – ideally using paraffin-free wax as this will have less allergens for folks. The top electric (plug-in) oil burners around are currently Yankee, they come in various designs and are fairly cheap too.