The first impression is vital to any potential buyer, not just when they are visiting in person (the most important bit) but when they are looking online too. So having that all important kerb appeal ramped up to the max is hugely important.

Potential buyers may be put off before they have set foot inside your front door if they are given a bad first impression. You want them to walk up the drive or path already feeling impressed and excited to see more. Those butterflies will drive them through your door and help increase the chances of a sale off the bat.

Wondering why kerb appeal really matters? Think about it – when you were looking for a new house, whether renting or buying, how many did you discount just because you didn’t like the look of the outside of it – or because you didn’t like how it was decorated? that is all kerb appeal… it all matters.

Here are our top tips for improving your kerb appeal:

  1. A fresh lick of paint on your front door works wonders!
    Honestly, we can’t plug this one hard enough – either paint or varnish your front door and windows – it makes them look new even if they aren’t. And if you’ve got lovely PVC windows show them off and give them all a deep clean. The same goes for your rear windows, these will all be photographed too. The cost is minimal but it can make a real impression and add a wow factor.
  2. Scrub the Paths, Driveway & Cut Your Grass
    Sounds obvious, but borrow your friends pressure washer and give that driveway a new lease of life – you will be surprised just how fresh it looks. Ensure before the photos AND viewing days you cut your grass and trim your trees, no overhanging branches! Make everything look as picturesque as possible – this may mean pressure washing the wall and footpath near your terrace house to remove grime but trust me 30 mins work pays in the feeling it gives to your views and likelihood of sales.
  3. Don’t have a garden, add some greenery with a hanging basket.
    Assuming its summer add some lovely flowers in a hanging basket, add some life to your lovely home and show your home is loved. It may not have been there before but again this is a cheap and easy way to add another dimension to your home – it also gives home viewers an idea of what they could do.
  4. Put your bins & clutter out of sight
    It may not be possible day to day for your home, but on photo day and viewing days, move your bins put them with a neighbor or down the road for a few hours. The less clutter in front of your home the better. The same applies for your bikes and any childrens clutter – if you’ve more than one car consider moving them too.
  5. Sweep those leaves and ensure there is no ice!
    Honestly, there is nothing like arriving and getting a really bad impression by falling on your bum – whether its on slippery leaves or on a sheet of ice. So if you have to sweep leaves each day or grit your path, or even a public footpath outside your home, do it – its the extra effort that could make the difference between a sale and not.

Photo by Peter Boccia on Unsplash