Selling a house can be a stressful business. So deciding on the right estate agent who is going to reduce worry and maximise sale value, is vital!

You want an agent with a proven record and up-to-date marketing techniques, one who can pull in maximum viewings with the right audience – all the while remaining good value for money.

So the First Step is obviously to look online and research various agents in your local area by asking for recommendations from friends and family. Then take a drive by the shop window and their websites, see what you would think as a buyer from that estate agent – would you buy from them, the same for their social media – are they friendly and approachable or annoying and pressure-selling?

The fee you are charged will either be a percentage of the sale price (commission) or a flat fee.  Either way, don’t be afraid to negotiate and let agents know what you’ve been offered elsewhere.

Important Note: You can have multiple agents on a single property, but you may end up paying more than one fee, it doesn’t matter who sells your property. So always check your terms and conditions before you instruct.

The Second Step is to short list your three favored agents and get them to value your property. Remember, don’t just go for the highest bidder / valuation, they sometimes do this just to get you on the books knowing that a new buyer will often bid less for a property – here are a few questions to ask of your potential estate agents:

  1. Who will conduct the viewings, you or them?
  2. What marketing materials will they prepare (floor plan, photos, online tour, physical brochure etc)?
  3. How many relevant buyers do they have on their books currently? (this may be hit and miss, pinch of salt time)
  4. Where will the publicise your property and to what audience?

Final Step, Picking Your Estate Agent – once you’re ready, and only once you are completely happy instruct your preferred estate agent.

Don’t forget you are the person in charge, it’s still your home and you are the one selling and instructing – the ball is in your court not the agents.